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It is a well-known fact that battery is the most important component of laptops & notebooks. Because without a good battery life, you cannot enjoy the portability factor and sustain fun for a longer period of time. If your laptop does not have a working battery, then it cannot be considered as a good mobile device. There are times when due to any reason the battery of your laptop stops charging or is having some issues. If your laptop battery is not charging as well, then you don’t have to worry. We are going to be sharing with you guys 7 ways to fix your laptop battery not charging problem. So, stick around.  

Check Your Charger 

The first thing to do is to obviously check your charger. You need to make sure the hardware which you are using to charge your laptop is fully functional. Check the cords and wires of your charger. Make sure the pin is attached to the port perfectly. The cord which is attached to the AC adapter brick can also get loose sometimes, which can cause problems as well. You should also keep in mind to use the good quality and genuine chargers, which are absolutely compatible with your laptop device.  

Remove Battery 

There is one more thing which you can do which will also let you find out exactly where the problem is. Remove the battery of your laptop and then hold the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds. Doing this will remove any of the left-out charge in your laptop. Then plug the charger and see if the laptop turns on or not. If laptop starts without any kind of problem, then it means you charger is absolutely fine and there is something wrong with your battery’s health. You can also try to connect the battery and reboot your laptop. Most of the times it can solve any battery related issues.  

Check Charging Port 

If there is any problem with the charging port of your laptop, then you will also have issues in charging your laptop. You need to see if there is anything wrong with the charging port. If it is jiggling, then it means port is a bit loose and needs the charger to be connected in a certain angle for it to charge. You need to also keep the port clean from dust and dirt, which can cause problems with charging.  

Let it Cool Down 

Heat is the biggest problem in any laptop or mobile devices. The CPU and other components tend to produce heat while functioning and it can heat up the device. Even though there are vents and heat dissipation systems as well which can help in venting the heat out, but still sometimes the device is overheated. If your laptop is overheated, then just wait for it to cool down before you plug in the charger.  

Update Drivers 

Your battery’s driver can also be an issue if you are facing trouble in charging your laptop. But it is one thing which we never realize or even bother to check. Go to the settings and see where the hardware is. Click on the battery and under it your will see the drivers. Just click on them, update these drivers, and see if the problem persists.  

Change the Charger 

If you are having trouble in charging your laptops, then there is a good chance that the charger which you are using is not working. You can always change the charger or buy a new one and plug it in. If the new charger is charging your device perfectly, then there is nothing wrong with your battery and there was only a need to change the charger. 

Contact a Professional 

When you have tried everything, but the problem is not getting resolved then the one best thing to do is to just contact a professional guy to get the job done. There might be some issues with main board of your laptop or may be some other problem. 

 Final Word 

Well, these were the 7 easy and simple fixes for laptop battery not charging issue. We hope it proved to be beneficial for you. So next time you face any kind of problems with charging your laptop, make sure to try these fixes. If you are looking for buy laptops with long life battery, then make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection.  



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