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In the United States, there are 70 million CCTV cameras in use. That equates to one camera for every 4.6 people in the world, according to the same source.

Clearly, we’re all in front of the camera more than we’d like to admit! But it’s for our own benefit.

Security cameras, after all, are an unquestionable crime deterrent, whether they’re mounted in city streets, office buildings, or private residences.

They keep an eye on an environment, deter wrongdoers from carrying out their plans, and keep us safe in the process. When you consider the facts that surveillance camera video offers, you can see how valuable they are.

Modern surveillance cameras, on the other hand, can do more than just monitor an environment for potential intruders. There are a slew of unique ways to use and profit from them!

Do you want to know more? Continue reading to learn about 7 unexpected security camera applications.

1. To keep an eye on things

Have you ever tried to peek into your office when you’re not there?

That’s right, you can now! Modern CCTV cameras come with their own mobile applications that you can use. You can log in and keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world if you have those mounted.

You should check in on what’s going on if you’re at home, on holiday, or at a work-related meeting. What’s the end result? You should double-check that all is fine and/or spot problems early on so that you can interfere before they worsen.

2. To broadcast business activities and events in real time

Are you organising activities from your place of business?

If it’s a meeting, networking event, or tradeshow, your security cameras might be the ideal way to live stream or record the entire event. People will log in and see what’s going on and watch people in action.

Similarly, many businesses strive to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their operations to their clients and followers. It’s all about establishing a brand, fostering a partnership, and establishing customer trust.

If you succeed, you’ll be able to increase sales and revenue. Again, there’s no excuse you couldn’t do it with surveillance camera video.

3. To Make Smart Functionality Easier

You can now sync everyday things together and monitor them with your phone thanks to smart technology. You can monitor anything from your heating and lighting systems to your door locks and kitchen appliances from afar!

Smart surveillance cameras can also be useful in this situation.

Now, depending on the model, the exact functionality varies. Smart cameras, on the other hand, can communicate with other smart technology and perform a number of useful functions with the right setup.

They can, for example, detect when the office is empty and switch off the lights, or they can detect when an intruder enters and send a warning to your phone (or the police). Overall, these cameras help automate your smart office while also providing essential surveillance capabilities.

4. To Lower Insurance Premiums

CCTV has the unintended advantage of lowering your insurance premiums.

Insurance firms recognise that the company is more stable and will charge you less money as a result. This is intuitively right. After all, the fact that CCTV cameras discourage offenders means you’re less likely to have to file a lawsuit in the future.

From their view, the company is less costly, resulting in a lower insurance premium. This is excellent news for any business trying to cut costs.

5. To keep track of pest infestations

Office intruders aren’t the only ones that can create havoc. Insects and rodents, whether they’re insects or rodents, can cause a lot of havoc.

They’re also a major issue in other parts of the world.

There is no such thing as a safe home or company! With cockroaches, ants, termites, rats, and mice scurrying about, it’s critical to catch these issues early and eliminate them. If you don’t, your property can become ruined and dirty, putting your business at risk.

Installing CCTV cameras is an excellent way to detect pest problems early on. You’ll be able to see the perpetrator(s), observe when they enter the house, and take action as required.

6. Observe Customer Behavior

Customers are understood by successful companies. They know what their audience likes, where they’re from, and how they spend their time, in addition to simple demographics.

These businesses, on the other hand, are aware of how their customers move around the shop, where they spend the most time, and what they do overall during their visit. They may recognise any problems that could have an effect on the customer experience and take effective corrective action with this knowledge.

Do you want to follow suit? To begin, security camera footage is a good place to look. In your shop, you have everything you need to observe and think about the customer journey (s).

7. To Motivate Employees to Work Hard

Bringing the best out of the employees is a constant challenge for many business owners. Regardless of how hard you try to foster a responsible society, some people will still work harder than others.

Unfortunately, slacker employees can be very costly to a business. Indeed, a bad hire will cost a business at least 30% of the employee’s first-year salary!

CCTV has the potential to make a positive difference. After all, it’s much easier to slack off when no one is looking!

Seeing the camera in the corner, on the other hand, makes it apparent that your acts are being watched. It should increase employee efficiency in the same way as it deters crime.

Keep These Surprising Security Camera Applications in Mind

The United States has no shortage of surveillance CCTV cameras. Hundreds of millions of them work across the United States, keeping an eye on our highways, towns, houses, and businesses.

We’re all better as a result!

Installing CCTV, on the other hand, can do more than just discourage offenders, as we’ve seen. Any security camera you instal has a variety of exclusive, novel, and even shocking features and benefits. We hope that this article has illustrated the ones that are important to know about.

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