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Some think that designing a logo for their business is an easy task, but they underestimate its relevance to their company’s image. Actually, it takes time and the help of a professional to create an ideal logo.

On this occasion, this post will talk about the factors you should consider before starting to design a logo related to your business. But first, let’s see what it is and why it is so important to your company.

What is a logo?

The word logo is used generically to refer to the icon or the combination of the image and the text used to represent a brand.

Now, strictly speaking, the above is not correct. In reality, a logo is made up of letters only. The brand icon is called an isotype, and the mixture of the logo and the isotype gives rise to the image type. On the other hand, if the name of the brand is one more element of the graphic representation of the firm, then you are dealing with an isotype.

Having clarified the point, let’s see why a logo is so important.

Contrary to what some believe, this element does not go unnoticed by potential customers. Figures, colors, and fonts consciously and unconsciously influence the public’s concept of a brand, even before knowing the products it sells.

A good logo builds confidence in the brand and is a resource to differentiate yourself from the competition. In fact, the logo is the corporate image of a company and its cover letter. If you are serious, it will be easier for you to close important business agreements.

What are the traits of the ideal logo?

Now, the time has come to list the characteristics of a good company’s logo.


Simple images take less time for the mind to process. Therefore, your design should not be very overloaded. Certainly, a colored logo is more striking than a black and white one, but don’t try to use the whole palette. Two or three well-differentiated shades are usually enough.


Another characteristic of a proper logo is its ability to create a lasting impression on the minds of consumers. Your goal should be for people to remember it and recognize it when they see it again.

Your logo will be memorable if it refers to your company’s key product or service, adapts to the tastes of your target clients, and has a simple design.


Over the years, your offer of products and services may undergo modifications. They can also change consumer habits and sales methods, and channels. Indeed, modern businesses are dynamic.

But there is something that should remain unchanged over time: your logo. As big companies do, you can make some touch-ups every few years to refresh your image, but nothing more.

Mobile and technology elements do not go out of style. So it won’t be hard to choose a durable design for your logo.


Finally, another attribute of good logos is their versatility: their ability to adapt to any format without losing visibility or notoriety.

You should be able to change the size and colors of your logo easily. To do this, we recommend using graphic design applications that support vector design and saving a copy of your logo in the format it was created.

How to make a logo by yourself?

Today, making a logo is no longer exclusive for brands or companies. Many website owners and freelancers could design logos effortlessly in a short time? How? With many online and offline logo makers, every non-designer could design a logo in simple steps. And DesignEvo, one of the most recommended online logo makers, is a good alternative to creating your logo.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online logo maker with rich template resources. The template categories are quite subdivided, making it easy to select the genre of the logo you want to produce, such as fashion logo templates,  bodybuilding logo templates, mobile logo templates, etc.

It is also convenient to select and list logos with a design similar to your favorite logo. After selecting the template, you can change the font, text, shape, and color. I think this is also rich in templates and has a high degree of freedom.

In the free version, only low-resolution (300px) JPG and PNG files can be downloaded.


If you do the above, your logo will look just as good on a print as small as a business card or one as large as a street sign. Although the original design of your logo has color, you should create a black and white version. This way, it will look sharp in newspapers and other media that only print with black ink.

Explore all the possibilities. What will the logo look like on an electronic device if a user inverts the colors on the screen? How will embroidery look on a shirt? What will it look like on a stamp or engraving? Try to think about how your logo will be used before deciding on a design.



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